Lilac Insights is a market leader because we work with the best. Right from our scientific team to our lab technicians, these are people who believe in making a difference to the world around them. The men & women behind Lilac are motivated, curious, troubleshooting problem solvers. We just don’t believe in working hard but in being pioneers at what we do. Working with the finest the medical genetics industry has to offer, Lilac Insights has much to offer for the seeker thirsty for knowledge & growth.

There is a reason why we call our employees a family. Once a Lilac family member, no matter where you go you’ll never have to worry about whom you will be spending your weekend with. Events, fancy traditions, celebrating religion & culture, team lunches; we believe in communicating & building strong common values. That’s not all, Lilac Insights often conducts or participates in seminars & conferences where industry thought leaders, guest speakers & the scientific board of Lilac Insights indulges in blue-sky sessions & exchange of ideas.

Lilac Insights believes in and follows a culture of meritocracy where performers get rewarded. Our compensation for deserving candidates is above industry average. We have a host of employee benefit programs.

We work with the best, the finest, the thought leaders & the industry behemoths. If that isn’t reason enough, Lilac Insights has world-class infrastructure & cutting-edge technologies; the best that there is. All our machinery, methodologies & processes are certified by international scientific institutions; which means no matter where you go in the world, your experience is relevant. Our staff is trained & international guideline compliant with external global quality auditing firms ensuring their par excellence. They are mentored by industry veterans & most importantly the wide spectrum of services that Lilac Insights offers in the area of genetics gives you 360 degrees knowledge into the world of genetics.

Lilac Insights is also a market leader in terms of the number of daily tests being conducted which means maximum exposure to genetic aberrations & maximum learning. We are also collaborating with international labs & institutions on fronts ranging from testing to technologies.

The company is expanding by leaps & bounds. In 2011 we started with one office & a lab in the city of Mumbai. Today we are spread over 9 cities throughout the country while more are coming up every month. Soon Lilac Insights will be going international. Being a rapidly growing organization, Lilac Insights offers fast-paced growth opportunities to deserving employees. Growth opportunities are available within department as well as across-functions. We believe an organization grows when the employee grows & regularly conduct soft-skill enhancement training programs through internal as well as external faculties.