Healthcare Receivers

Healthcare Receivers

Every family & every expecting couple expects a healthy baby. Being informed about common genetic abnormalities and the possibilities of their occurrences can go a long way in making critical parenting decisions. Many informed families & couples are approaching Lilac Insights to better understand the risk of genetic diseases their families or progeny maybe exposed to. In several instances strains of life threatening diseases like Thalassemia or Edward Syndromes, which are common among Indians, go undetected for generations before they surface.

Lilac Insights also provides counselling for couples who are planning to conceive or have conceived & have doubts about what genetic disorders are or what prospective parents can do to secure an unborn child’s life.

Our expert counsellors will evaluate your family’s medical past to check if there is a history of genetic disorders. Also, as genetic disorders are of several types, they can occur due to spontaneous mutations during conception & need not be necessarily inherited. Hence it is important to know what & when to check for before, during & after pregnancy.

It is mandatory for doctors to offer pre-conception, prenatal & postnatal (newborn) screenings in developed countries across the globe as it leads to early detection, can avoid pregnancy complications & gives people the power to decide the future of their families.

You may contact us for an appointment to discuss genetic health related to pregnancy, newborns or even cancer related queries. For additional details to better understand the tests parents-to-be need to be aware of, you may explore our Healthcare Receivers service section.