What We Do

What We Do

Genetics as a domain is expansive & its application to medicine & treatment was very limited until recently. Only in the late 20th century & early 21st century has medical genetics as a branch for management, diagnosis & counselling of people dealing with genetic disorders truly emerged. In general, doctors & clinicians who do not have a genetic background are not medically equipped to address the complexities in the diagnoses of genetic disorders. Obstetricians, Gynecologists (Gynaecologists), Pediatricians & Oncologists often require interpretation post genetic diagnosis.

In the field of Reproductive Genetics, Lilac Insights deals with genetic disorders in a threefold process: firstly, we conduct various specialized genetic screenings to assess the risk of a fetus, newborn baby or an individual (mostly couples) suffering from genetic abnormalities, disorders & diseases; secondly, genetic screening, testing & diagnoses differs from ordinary pathology in not just the process, expertise & technology required, but the resultant reports are not simple computer outputs hence require expert intervention & interpretation, which Lilac Insights is a market leader at; thirdly, we counsel doctors, clinicians & families to further their understanding of complex disorders to help them make better & informed decisions. With growing awareness, to understand the risk of exposure to hidden disorders informed couples are consulting genetic counsellors before even deciding to conceive.

This is where Lilac Insights paves the way.

We form the bridge between the consulting doctor & patients or patients & their concerns of genetic disorders, by providing globally benchmarked guideline based genetic solutions interpreted by a team of highly specialized internationally certified scientific experts. Lilac Insights aids & assists the doctors & families by providing the necessary expertise required to understand the reports, its implications & interpret their results.

Our scientific experts validate each report personally & check the results for possible aberrations & oddities. While it is the referring doctor who eventually decides the course of management in concurrence with their patients, the scientific team at Lilac Insights helps the consulting doctor reach the logical conclusion & provides clarifications where required. With their all-encompassing knowledge of genetic disorders, they provide a clear, medically sound, evidence based picture to doctors empowering them to diagnose their patients accurately & effectively & enable families to be better decision makers.

To reach our growing network of doctors & patients across the country, Lilac Insights has established for the first time in India, a web based facility called E-Genetic Counseling (EGC) where individuals across the country can speak to our genetic counsellors to learn more about genetic disorders & their diagnoses.

For a detailed understanding of Lilac Insights offerings & how they might be relevant to you, please see the list of our services for Healthcare Receivers or Healthcare Providers.