(NABL) for 9001:2012

National Accredited Board for Laboratories is an accreditation body constituted by the government of India to audit & accredit diagnostic laboratory service providers for compliance to ISO 9001 standards. Lilac Insights got its NABL accreditation within the first year of operations & has been certified compliant to the latest & on-going NABL 2012 standards.


Lilac Insights is enrolled in United Kingdom National External Quality Assurance Services (UKNEQAS). UKNEQAS is the world’s leading external quality assessment agency based in United Kingdom & authority on quality standards.

Since inception (2011) Lilac Insights has cleared every single surprise monthly audit conducted by UKNEQAS. The audits ensure the company is Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) – a leading global authority on prenatal testing guidelines & protocols guideline – adherent.


Lilac Insights is enrolled in CDC Atlanta for assessment of Newborn screening processes. CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) is a US government organization based out of Atlanta, US. For newborn screening, CDC Atlanta is the most respected and followed external quality control organization.


While FMF (UK) has continued providing certification to labs through its channel partner UKNEQUAS, it ensures labs requesting access & authorization to the FMF (UK) platform are guideline compliant. Permission to work on FMF certified platforms are discontinued if labs fail to clear UKNEQUAS audits signaling non-compliance with FMF protocols.

Protocols & Algorithms developed by Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) UK

  • Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) accredited platforms and chemistry
  • Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) risk assessment algorithm and software.
  • Indigenous Medians across all gestation ages developed over a database of more than 100000 pregnant women.
  • External audit of results from UKNEQAS.
  • Fetal Medicine Foundation theory trained technical team.
  • Leading Fetal Medicine Experts of the country as scientific advisors.

It is through unwavering commitment to quality & to the patients we serve, Lilac Insights is one of the few labs in India authorized to conduct pre & postnatal screenings & testings on an FMF (UK) platform.