Why Us

Why Us

It is now common knowledge that our genes form the blueprints of our lives. Like our fingerprints, every human being has a unique genetic makeup or as the complete set of genes in our bodies is called– Genome. As such, the answers to the mysteries of the human body & its ailments are hidden in this very genetic structure.

With the advance of technology, slowly but steadily doctors & researchers have embraced the need for genetic diagnosis as the way forward. After all, standardized treatments with blanket applications do not yield standardized results when every human being is different yet unique. Research is helping to decode the human genome at a rapid pace by unraveling the DNA sequencing, linking diseases to their specific or multiple genetic causes. As the medical fraternity better understands the genetic causes of diseases, treatments can be customized to the requirements of a specific patient based on his or her genetic makeup.

While as of today genetic diseases or disorders may not have a cure, understanding their root causes makes them either preventable or manageable, as in the case of Prenatal & Newborn Health (Reproductive Genetics), or enable treatment with higher efficacies as in the case of Cancer (Cancer Genetics).

Doctors across the globe are moving towards genetic diagnoses as it leads to early detection of ailments & increases chances of effective treatment where applicable. If performed correctly, genetic diagnosis is highly accurate & reliable; which is why it’s important to choose the right genetic health assessment & diagnostic provider.

There is a reason why in a short span of time Lilac Insights is the country’s leading & most trusted evidence based genetic service provider by the medical fraternity & people alike.